Third party posting guidelines

Please note that Jobs in Healthcare does not pay integration fees into third party posting services. We believe that job boards are a third party posting provider' bread and butter and as such strongly stand by this. In rare cases we charge for work or integration into our system, if you are one of these cases you will be contacted by email and sent an invoice.


Third party posting is done via a remote HTTP post to . You will need a username and password to access the resource which should be sent inside your fields as "username" and "password". Your username and password is unique to each client and can be generated and or revoked by the owner of the account. To obtain credentials for a specific company please ask them to login to their Jobs in Healthcare account, then select "Third Party Posting" from the account menu, from there they need to "Create new third party credentials" and your username and password will be generated.

There are a number of required fields and a couple of optional fields; the names and descriptions of them are below.

Should the client you are posting on behalf of have insufficient posting and or featured job credits then you will be notified early in the request.

Please note that (x)HTML is not allowed and will be stripped, we do honour blank lines and they're converted into line breaks.

Required fields

The username associated with the job owner
The password associated with the job owner
A valid email address that applications should be sent to
The duration of the post in days. 7, 14 or 28
The date that the job is published from: yyyy-mm-dd (future dates are allowed)
The time that the job is published from: hh:mm i/e 23:30
The title of the job: i/e Staff Nurse
The internal reference of the job
The contract type of the job: One of "Temporary" or "Permanent"
The job type of the job: One of "Full time" or "Part time"
The decimalised minimum salary: i/e 6.32 or 135.32. Decimal place is IMPORTANT
The frequency of the salary: One of "per hour","per day","per shift","per week","per month","per annum"
The visible salary of the job: I/e "Meets national minimum wage" or "Salary negotiable"
The geographic location of the job: I/e full UK postcode or a physical location. This is NOT shown to the candidate ***
The visible location of the job: I/e "London" or "South east"
The description of the job. The following HTML tags are allowed. [<p><ul><ol><li><br><em><strike><strong>].<br />Please note that any/all attributes from the tags will be removed: for example;<br /><p style="font-weight:bold;">Bold text</p> will be stripped back to <p>Bold text</p> and the subsequent<br />expected behaviour of the stripped tag will cease to work!

*** If you provide a latitude and longitude in your post then a geographical location is not required only a visible one as we will reverse geocode filter locations from our extensive system.

Optional fields

latitudeThe latitude of the job i/e 54.1234
longitudeThe longitude of the job i/e 1.2345
featuredWhether the job is featured or not: 1 or 0
debugWhen set to 1 the posted job will be checked but not inserted into our index. You can use this to check the validity of your post


All responses are json encoded and consist of two parts, a 3 digit "code" and a "message" which is a description of the code. The 3 digit codes conform to http status codes, a list of which can be found at A status code of 200 indicates everything was fine with the post and the job has been accepted into our index, in addition two fields are also included which are "job_credits_remaining" and "featured_credits_remaining" which are as they suggest the remaining credits and featured credits associated with the account. A status code of 412 which transpires to "Precondition Failed" will be output with a message as to which field faild validation.